Network tools for webworkers!

Loading About offers you numerous online tools for the daily administration of networks. Did you ever bang your head against the wall because your traceroutes got stuck in the office's firewall? Or because there's no client installed for DNS queries? Well, no more of that! With DNStools all these tasks are carried out by our server. An open port 80 and a browser is all you need. Don't believe it? Then look and see! :-)

What's the IP address you're connected to the Internet? Over which nodes does the connection travel? How is the response time of the server? Is your computer reachable from the outside through open ports? Which other domains are parked on the same server? Which free domains have recently been deleted?

If you'd like to display your IP address to the visitors of your website or in your forum profile, you can use our service to display your IP address.

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